New and exciting things happening at Lavender Lane!

We have been busy this winter! In our part of the country, winter has been cold and snowy, Giving us lots of time to be inspired to create new products and explore new avenues of our business.

A look out our window...another 8+ inches!

A look out our window…another 8+ inches!

Hang in there little lavender buds!

Hang in there little lavender buds!

We have developed a new Himalayan Sea Salt Foot Soak. Himalayan sea salt and Epsom Salt are combined with lavender essential oil to create a soak that will leave you relaxed and detoxed. This jar displays the soak beautifully and it could easily find a home in your bathroom:)

Our new soak. It is so pretty!

Our new soak. It is so pretty!


Also in development are some yummy lavender vanilla candles. Keep watch for these coming soon!

Thinking back over the past year of our little business, we have been blessed by the fellow handmade owners and the advice and guidance they have given us. Meeting people who love lavender and love our products has been incredibly encouraging as we begin this new year. We can’t wait for Spring and another season of farmer’s markets and craft shows!




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