Christmas Shopping at Lavender Lane

We have lovely gifts available for Christmas! This week only until December 8th, we will offer a free dryer bag sample with any purchase over $15. Just email us if you are interested: We accept Credit Card payments through Paypal, cash or checks. Happy Shopping!


4 oz.Spray Mists for $7. Our mists are distilled water and essential oil blends and they can be used for lots of purposes. Spray on your linens, clothes, in a room or in your car, the possibilities are endless!
Relax Mist: Pure lavender that is simply relaxing, it’s our best seller. Refresh Mist: Pure lavender and lemon essential oil that is so refreshing and uplifting, it’s a very clean smelling scent. Revive Mist: Pure lavender, grapefruit, and sage that is such a unique combination. This scent is energizing and rejuvenating and most of us say that this is our favorite scent. Restore Mist: Pure lavender, orange, and cinnamon and this is our newest scent created for the fall/winter. We love this scent for a room spray, it’s so comforting and cozy smelling.



Dryer Bags for $8. We bundle 3 dryer bags together and each bag is good for at least 8-10 uses. Once the bag wears out you can continue to use the buds- make your own dryer bags or sachets, or throw the bag into the bathtub for a relaxing lavender soak.


Gift Sets for $10. We have been making lots of fun gift sets and they are perfect for the holidays.
Mini Sprays Gift Set $10– choose any 3 of our Spray Mists and we will make up 1 oz. bottles of them and gift wrap them for you.
Dryer Bag with Mini Spray Gift Set $10- This gift set has a full Dryer Bag bundle (contains 3 dryer bags) and a mini 1 oz. spray of your choice.Image
Sachet, Foot Soak and Mini Spray Gift Set $10- This gift set has 1 Lavender sachet, a foot soak (baking soda, epsom salts, and lavender buds good for 1 foot soak), and a 1 oz. mini spray of your choice.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping at Lavender Lane

  1. Hallo My name is Christine Sandell and I am the mother of Joanna Lieberman of Calvary Christian Academy who gave me the lovely dryer bags for Christmas I would like topurchase one each of the spray mists the small bottles to see which scent I prefer and two more sets of the dryer bags and lastly a lavender bouquet Please let me know how to pay I can forward a check or credit card but do not have pay pal.

    • Thank you so much. Enclose a bill and I will forward a check or email me with amount and I will give in advance to Joanna. Thank you.

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